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Posted by [email protected] on August 15, 2014 at 9:00 PM


I appreciated homeschooling through high school because it gave me the opportunity to travel around the world. My dad successfully passed on to me his wanderlust, sense of adventure, and enjoyment in meeting new people and experiencing new cultures. He was an Air Force officer, so we lived from Maine to Florida and explored everywhere in between before I was 15! Thanks to our flexible schedule and transportable school, we were even able to go with my dad when he was stationed on military bases for “temporary duty.” Mom often included our travels in the lesson plans: the Alamo, Revolutionary War battles, Civil War battles, early American exploration. Wherever we were, my brother and I experienced history rather than just reading about it from a textbook.


During high school, Dad decided it was time for us to see Europe ... not just once, but three times! During our first trip, after visiting battlefields and monuments in Germany, World War I became more than just “the precursor to World War II.” It ignited a self-directed study of WWI. The second trip actualized D-Day and the push to overcome the Nazis as we walked along the beaches of Normandy and through the former Dachau concentration camp. During my senior year, my parents graciously sent me with a small group from our co-op to Greece and Rome, where the previous two years of studying these ancient cultures came to life in vivid detail.


Thanks to my parents’ faithful example, I plan to homeschool my own children someday. I only hope I, too, am able to pass along the wonder and joy of exploring the world firsthand.

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