Ghana Homeschoolers Group

Our Group

 Ghana homeschoolers group is made up of parents who are living in Ghana and are homeschooling their children. We meet to talk about how we can plan activities for our kids to have a better social life. The group is formed by parents who have come together in Ghana to find activities and fun, but educational,  things for our children to do together.

We welcome all homeschoolers who are moving to Ghana to join us while we make homeschooling in Ghana more exciting for our children.

We meet at each parent’s house and mingle and enjoy the company of both the parents and the children.So far we have about 20 homeschool kids in this group that are in the grades ranging from Kindergarten to 11th Grade.

We organize fun and physical activities for them each month;  including basketball, swimming, mini golf and other exciting games. We are looking forward to meeting new homeschoolers.

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