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Here are some websites to view some activities of some homeschoolers in Ghana.... soon to add more on that page type in the serce engine Aasha Esi Manns then click on the findings " Aasha Esi Manns Made History "  to read about her Karate achievements, also included are her sisters achievements.


Something New for Homeschoolers in Ghana..If you live around or near east- Legon..then its exciting to let you know that the American International School (AIS) have opened up their after school program for all homeschoolers. some of the activities they offer are as follows girls basket team, cheer-leading, gymnastics, soul line dance, science club, homework club, arts& crafts, choir, soccer, French club, twi club, Taekwondo and math club.  you can check on their website and get their contact  to call them with any questions. now that is social....