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Uniqueness and Diligence: Two Benefits of Home Instruction

Posted by [email protected] on August 15, 2014 at 9:00 PM


My parents homeschooled me from 3rd through 10th grade, after which I attended community college for 11th and 12th grades. Looking back, two aspects of home instruction particularly contributed to my success in life and at college.

First, homeschooling shielded me from the peer pressure that is especially potent in junior high and high school. Large public schools can be factories that force teenagers to conform their personalities to various molds. Homeschool alumni whom I've encountered tend to have more unique interests than graduates of public schools. Though generalizations are not true in every case, I know my own interests diverge from those of the mass culture, and I'm told that my personality is uncommon (in a good way!). As a result, I have a lot to contribute to, as well as learn from, my friendships and interactions with others. I'm also strongly convicted in my faith in Christ, as mass culture's rejection of Him doesn't trouble me.

Second, by requiring independent, analytical modes of thought, home instruction laid the foundation for my success at college in a manner that public schools cannot duplicate. Under my mother's system of homeschooling, my assignments usually were to read textbook passages on my own and then to complete problem sets or answer my mom's oral questions, which tested reading comprehension. Rather than relying on a lecturer to introduce and clarify the material in the textbooks, I had to understand ideas, events, and data on my own, turning to my mom if all else failed. That forced me to think for myself and to exert myself, since I wasn't being spoon-fed the material. As a result, I was well prepared for college, which follows the homeschool model of independent learning more closely than the public school model. Indeed, from my observations at college, what separates the top students from the rest of the pack is usually not intelligence but more often a diligent work ethic and good thinking habits. Homeschooling inculcated those skills in me.

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