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Thoughts from a homeschool mom whose children have all graduated

Posted by [email protected] on August 15, 2014 at 9:00 PM


My first recollection of homeschooling my seven children is of my own inadequacies. Homeschooling seemed an impossible mountain that could never be climbed. How could I possibly do it in my own strength? Over the years, and especially during the high school years, God revealed to me that the tension I was experiencing resulted from wrestling in my own heart over whether I had the faith to trust completely in His sufficiency. Was He not able to accomplish all that He had called me to do? Was He not more concerned for my children's welfare than even I was? Did He not desire to see Himself glorified through their lives in a darkened world?

All of these truths, through the years, were tested and tried. It seemed, more often than not, I provided the hindrance to many of the things God was trying to accomplish. My own agenda, my schedule, my desires for order or security-all, at times, became obstacles that He had to maneuver around. I learned many lessons in giving up my particular plans for the day and letting the Spirit do His work. I began to see that He was more concerned about the spiritual and character education that was occurring in each individual heart, than in the trigonometry lesson I had scheduled for that day. Questions such as these were infinitely more important: How much did my children love the Savior? How much were they clinging to the cross for their help and deliverance? How much was humility towards their family members becoming a regular way of life?

Since we were some of the first homeschoolers in the country, we maintained a very high academic standard. The reception of homeschooled young people had not yet been tried in higher academia. We had no "test cases" to look to for an idea of how they would be received. The pressure to produce well-educated and well-rounded specimens to the world was great, and as a lone homeschooling mother, I felt it every day. By God's grace, my children all performed far above average and received full scholarships to college, but it was not without many failures on my part, and probably was in spite of me. I saw the simple truth of faithfully stewarding, one day at a time, all that He had given me charge to do. I also learned to look daily to my husband, my spiritual leader and the one ultimately responsible for our family. His wisdom and insight, and helplessness before the Lord, were a continual beacon in what sometimes seemed a darkened night.

It is a high and holy calling to educate your children at home, and it cannot be accomplished outside of the power of the Holy Spirit. These children that He has created for His glory do indeed belong to Him. As we surrender ourselves, by His grace, He will accomplish all that He has planned concerning each one of them.

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