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High School at Home Blessings

Posted by [email protected] on August 15, 2014 at 8:55 PM


Pride and emotions ran high this month as our two daughters graduated from college. Our older daughter graduated magna cum laude from San Diego State University and is continuing in a PhD program. Our younger daughter is a straight-A student at San Jose State University, and also just graduated summa cum laude and was the valedictorian at West Valley College. Wow!


Both were homeschooled from kindergarten until they entered college; thus, virtually everyone we know has stated, “You must be very proud.” The answer is obvious, but the reason may not be.


Most think that we should be proud of all the courses and facts that we taught, evidenced by the girls’ success at college. But we don’t think that our daughters remember much of what we taught them in the last four years of homeschooling, and so there is little that we can take personal credit for. I taught math, science, history, geography, and current events while my wife Vera covered the remaining subjects. How, then, is it that they both did so well? It’s because they learned important lessons that are not in the textbooks.


They learned to love learning, how to solve problems, and how to think and study on their own. They learned good work ethics and how to be accountable—all essentials for success. There are also things that they did not learn about firsthand. They were not confronted with gangs, drugs, sex, smoking, vulgarity, disrespect, and broken homes. They know what these things are, but they were not hounded or distracted by such things on a daily basis.


In short, the foundations set in the homeschooling environment provide so much more than just the three R’s. Homeschooling brings families together for several hours every day, allowing learning to go far beyond simple test scores. Family learning touches the fiber of one’s being and molds the fabric of one’s constitution, for both the student and the teacher!

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