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Stories from the Home Front

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Hold Fast to the Honor of Homeschooling


I was homeschooled from the 1st through 12th grades and never once desired to go to the government schools. At the time, I couldn’t imagine being confined to what looked like a prison system—bells telling me where to go, cutting short the time I wanted to spend on certain subjects; standing in line to have food dumped on a tray for me to eat; wearing the same clothes as everyone else; and truant officers hunting me down if I went rogue! None of that appealed to me. I was very happy with the freedom that homeschooling provided. Not only was I able to spend as much time as I needed on a subject, but I wasn’t forced to wait for others once I mastered it. This allowed me time to spend on things I enjoyed, such as reading history books or being involved in extracurricular activities.


While many parents and teens place importance on having friends, I didn’t. Through leadership in both local and state 4-H clubs and involvement with the Young Marine program, I naturally cultivated many friendships. I also actively participated in the National Christian Forensics and Communications Association and Teen Pact. In fact, there were times when these activities cut into time spent on math and science, which was fine by me! Because of the unique flexibility that homeschoolers have, I was able to build relationships with individuals in my community that greatly helped my future career.


I owe so much to my mother and father for taking the time to homeschool me even though it was a financial burden. I know I was quite difficult at times; but because of my parents’ faithfulness and steadfast love for me (and my siblings), I am the man I am today. Now I have the great privilege to work for the Home School Legal Defense Association and assist families as they seek to make the right choices for the upbringing of their children.


When the Lord blesses me with a wife and children, I plan to homeschool them. In addition to all the reasons above, the most important reason for homeschooling is because children need to be discipled. Who will do the discipling and shaping? Will it be friends and peers, who are just as confused about life? Will it be the atheist teacher who receives her instructions from a union 1,000 miles away? Or will it be the parents? I believe that God gave responsibility to teach to the parents, and I don’t want to relinquish that responsibility to anyone else. It is an honor to raise children, so why would I want to give to another that honor?

Homeschool success stories

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Bill Cosby once said, "I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody."


Homeschoolers understand this well, and don't try to please everyone with their non-traditional choices. They aim to fill the needs of their children, and with that goal, it is very difficult to fail! In fact, success flourishes in the homeschool community, in many shapes and forms.


Success can be measured in numerous ways and is based on individual achievements; but success takes hard work, dedication, and focus -- something that homeschoolers also embrace on their own path to success.


For this reason, many successful actors, athletes and musicians get their education through homeschooling because it offers them the flexibility to pursue their dreams and reach for goals while continuing to get their education.


In past articles, we've talked about famous homeschoolers: actors such as Lindsay Lohan, Raven Symone, and Elijah Wood as well as skater Tanith Belbin and tennis player Alexa Glatch.

A Season to Celebrate

Posted by [email protected] on December 2, 2013 at 7:45 AM Comments comments (0)

Its that Season again when we all join together and  be grateful for a wonderful year. the homeschoolers Group in Ghana would like to wish everyone a happy holiday and may next year briing us all many more joy and bliss. 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

lets take our steps

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So all our fun holiday stuff is over..... but guess what ???? if you are a homeschool kid....its just starting or I should say you are still vacating...... its that time again.... homeschoolers are on the move to learn, explore and just have a the comfort of their own homes... time to stock up the fridge with some snacks... at least that is what my kids do... they snack while doing class.....what a life.:D


we wish everyone a happy and a blasting new year of homeschool

2 more months

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I am not sure about everyone..... But my kids are jumping up and down because we only have 2 months before we are all done with our school year. they are looking forward to recieving the huge boxes filled with new books for 7th grade and 4th grade... i know i am too... happy summer coming up soon for us all...

Junior LifeSavers class

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today hundreds of kids are given the opportunity to learn some basic life saving skills right here in Ghana. The United Kingdom Red Cross and Felix Fitness is rolling out this program.... very exciting. something for kids to get busy with. well homeschool kids mostly dont take the long 2 weeks easter break like the conventional schools. But we will surly have time to make this event. its a 6 days training. at the swimming pool yard at Total fitness at the A&C Mall. looking forward to seeing the amazing potentials of most of the kids.

Looking for Books?

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I am sure some families have books that they will like to give away in exchange for uper or lower grade of their kids. well if so leave a message as to what books you have or what you are looking to exchange. to see if someone is interested.... all the best.

It's almost time

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Its almost time for most homeschoolers to get their long awaited summer break:D

Also that time to decide if you are going to use the same curriculum or if you are going to change.

Well with all this we wish everyone and very successful end of year coming up soon and also an exciting summer and all the best with the purchase of your new curriculum.:D


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any one knows of any websites that can give tips on how to teach kids the test taking skills? and do they actually need it? or can they be allowed to take test their own way if they are getting A's on their papers?


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The greatest enemy of the EXCELLENT is the GOOD